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engages each child.

At Wildwood Early Learning Center, we value the whole child.   Each child’s social, emotional, language, cognitive and physical developments are all equally important. Our goal is to provide a loving, safe, nurturing environment where each child valued as an individual within the ‘’community group’’.   We believe children learn best through meaningful play and by engaging in the active exploration of their environment.



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Check Out Our Teacher / Child Ratio's

  • Wildwood Infant Daycare Center

    0 - 24 Months

    4 Children Per Teacher 

  • 24 to 26 months

    8 children per teacher

  • More Than 36 Months

    10 children per teacher

Parent Handbook

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Daycare Tuition Rates

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Wildwood Early Learning Center is licensed by the State of Missouri.


Wildwood Early Learning Center utilizes the Preschool Observation Checklist and Evaluation Tool (POCET). This assessment is made available to parents three times a year.


Teachers follow our strict standards to maintain a sanitary environment.

Our Health & Safety Standards

  • Cleanliness: In every age group, teachers follow strict standards to maintain a sanitary environment. These include regularly washing hands, toys, cots, and equipment.
  • Diaper Changing/Toilet Training: Parents provide all diapers, wipes, and ointments. Diapers are checked at least once an hour and changed when wet or soiled. Toilet training is only included in the two-year-olds schedule if the parent and teacher agree that the child is ready. Teachers will discuss with the parent(s) routines for toileting to ensure the same method is implemented at the center and the child’s home.
  • Food Handling: Our Health and Safety policies include detailed procedures for preparing, handling, and storing food.
  • Controlled Access: Our entry way is secured and coded, and the classrooms are video monitored.
  • Medical and Emergency Training: Every lead staff member trained in CPR, First Aid, Fire Safety and Universal Precautions. Emergency fire drills are performed monthly.