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Brainy Bears Program For 2 Year Olds

Brainy Bears

Our bears roar with energy, emotions, language, and desire to gain a stronger understanding of not only themselves, but “their” world. They question and challenge their new-found knowledge. Their favorite word is “why”.  At Wildwood Early Learning Center, we don’t just provide an answer, we guide them to discover on their own.

Age Group:                                 2-year-olds
Teacher/Child Ratio                 1:8
Wildwood Child Care Center Missouri


Our curriculum and daily schedule promotes their development in

Physical development
Social & emotional development
Early Math Concept
Early Science Concept



Cubby – Children have a cubby and a parent pocket assigned to them. Cubbies hold a child’s outdoor clothing, bags, or other personal items. Parent pockets should be checked each time your child comes to school.

Daily Two Year Old Record Sheet – Teachers record diaper changes, potty training information, food intake, and your child’s disposition.

Daily Verbal Communication – We encourage parents to talk with their child’s teacher at drop-off and/or at pick-up. It is important for the teacher to know information about your child, like how they slept last night, when they ate last, if they have had any medicine, if they are teething, etc. The sharing of this information is important to best meet your child’s needs.

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