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Awesome Owls - Pre K

At Wildwood Early Learning Center, our Pre-K students are ready to master their early learning skills in literacy, language, math, cognition, and science. Built upon the Missouri PreK standards, our curriculum defines broad descriptions of what children know and should be able to do by the time they enter Kindergarten. We recognize that variability in children is normal and our PreK class structure is designed to promote individuality in each student's growth, confidence, and Kindergarten readiness. A safe, loving and supportive learning environment for every child is our highest priority.

Age Group:                              Pre-Kindergarten
Teacher/Child Ratio              1:10

Missouri Pre-K Curriculum

Language Arts & Literacy

Children will use language to communicate ideas, feelings, and questions or to solve problems. Listening for different purposes and writing as a means of expression/communication are emphasized. Children are introduced to a variety of fiction and non-fiction children’s literature and begin to identify common sight words.


Children will be introduced to numbers and operations, geometry and spatial sense, patterns and relationships, and measurement. They will explore data as they collect, organize, and use new information.


Physical science, Life science, Earth, and Space! Our Pre-K children will explore physical properties of objects and materials, investigate characteristics of living things, and solve problems involving earth and space. They experience nature and discover how plants grow through hands-on activities and observation of Today’s Children Garden.

Social & Emotional Development

At Today’s Children of Wildwood, we believe it is important to introduce children to a wide variety of character traits and nurture each child’s individual personality. Our goal is to help your child gain a greater knowledge of self and others through developing personal responsibility, building relationships of mutual trust and respect with others, and working cooperatively with children and adults.

Physical Development, Health & Safety

Outside and indoor play is an important time for children to explore their surroundings and purposefully practice coordination while using their gross motor skills. Our experienced teachers emphasize safe behaviors while playing.


Weekly Calendar - Teachers post a calendar with the activities that your preschool child will be participating in each week. The activities will include: language arts, math and manipulatives, science, and sensory experiences, arts and crafts, Spanish, and music and movement.

Cubby - Children have a cubby that is assigned to them. Children use their cubby to store their outdoor clothing, bags, and other personal items.

Daily Verbal Communication - If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to get an update on your child’s progress, please feel free to talk to your child’s teacher. We believe parent-teacher communication is essential to a successful program.


Approaches to Learning

Show curiosity
Take initiative
Exhibit creativity
Show confidence
Display persistence
Use problem-solving skills 

Enrichment Programs

Music & Movement

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