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(12 months - 24 Months)

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12 months - 24 Months

At Wildwood Early Learning Center, our tots are on the move! They are active explorers with an innate interest to learn about their world. Our toddler rooms are places where babies feel safe, secure and happy while our experienced teachers encourage them to lead the way and make their own choices. Forming close relationships and trusting bonds with each child enables our teachers to have a deeper understanding of your child’s individual needs. Our curriculum and daily schedule are designed to stimulate our toddler’s growing brains and body in an environment that enables them to learn at their own pace.

Age Group:                              12-24 months

Teacher/child ratio               1:4


Emotional Development

We engage in one-to-one interactions with all of the children every day. We spend time nurturing your child as he or she experiences different emotions. We love to CELEBRATE your child’s accomplishments!

Social Development

Learning to share, taking turns and treating others with kindness are social skills our teachers help your child develop on a daily basis. Today’s Children of Wildwood focuses on building good character by introducing a different character trait each month such as friendship, respect, compassion. These themes are woven into the Toddler’s Room day-to-day activities.

Intellectual Development

We provide your toddler with many objects to shake, rattle, bang and drop. We play simple games, work on identifying body parts, and pointing and naming familiar pictures. Our toddlers love to sing, dance, play and explore books. It is our goal to cultivate an early love for literacy with your child. Whether listening to a story come to life during read aloud or snuggled on a lap with their favorite book, your child will experience the wonderful world of literacy!


Language Development

Toddlers are beginning to use their words to express their needs and emotions. Our teachers use books, nursery rhymes, songs and poems to help grow your child’s vocabulary. Teachers talk with the children about everything they see and do and help them repeat words of objects that interest them.

Gross & Fine Motor Development

Let’s get moving! Toddlers exercise their large muscle groups as they climb, swing, slide, pull, push, throw & catch during their outdoor AND indoor play-time. Obstacle courses and dance parties add to classroom fun and movement! Scribbling, taking things apart, nesting objects, stacking blocks, and using a fork and spoon are all ways our loving teachers encourage your child to practice his or her fine motor skills.


Daily Toddler Care Record Sheet: Teachers record food intake, nap times, notes and reminders, and special activities your child participated in that day.

Daily Verbal Communication: We encourage parents to talk with their child’s teacher at drop-off and/or pick-up. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to get an update on your child’s progress feel free to talk to your child’s teacher or the Director. We believe parent-teacher communication is essential to a successful program.

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