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3-4 Year Olds

Our Silly Squirrels are eager to show their independence and their desire to be ‘’in control.’’ This is a critical time for children to develop independence in social, emotional and physical behavior. Our preschool curriculum, Project Construct, fosters young children’s ability to become self-directed and self-reliant by offering them choices whenever possible while introducing social guidelines for group participation. At this stage, the children are very interested in participating in small group activities and fantasy play as they develop a strong sense of self. Sharing and developing good social skills are an important part of their daily experiences.

Age Group                                  3-4-year-olds
Teacher/Child Ratio                1:10


Social Development

Work and play in small group – Encourage parallel play – Encourage sharing

Language/Literacy Development

Colors – Shapes – Counting and number recognition – Days of the week – Recognize their written name

Cognitive Development

Teaching them to see other people’s point of view – Encourage creativity through art experiences and play- Accept and follow direction – Can problem solve if they are simple – Encourage curiosity – Exposure to new vocabulary

Physical Development

Working on fine motor skills (gluing, lacing, stacking, coloring) – Introduce them to training scissors- Begin to use materials, such as play dough, paste, finger-paint- Large muscle development: jumping, running, hopping, skipping, etc.

Basic Life Skills

Continue to work on self -help skills (hand washing, eating, toileting, and dressing). – Potty training – Sit and eat meal without getting up – Encourage them to use their words when they want or need something – Practice sitting at circle for a longer period of time – Encourage each child to return toys and materials


Daily Preschool Record Sheet – Teachers record food intake, nap times, notes and reminders, and special activities your child participated in that day.

Cubby/Folders – Children have a cubby and a parent pocket assigned to them. Cubbies will hold your child’s outdoor clothing, change of clothes, bedding items and any other personal items. Parent pockets should be checked each time your child comes to school. Newsletters, notes from your child’s teacher, and other pertinent information are placed here.

Daily Verbal Communication – We encourage parents to talk with their child’s teacher at drop-off and at pick-up.   If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to get an update on your kids development speak to your child’s teacher or the Director. We believe parent – teacher communication is essential to a successful program

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